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Coeval according to means: “of the same age, date, or duration”. Likewise, Cornucopia means: “an abundant, overflowing supply”. I’ll be writing…short stories, poems, screen plays even, and posting it here. I need some practice 😉

Feel free to browse, comment, like, dislike and of course, STARE. Because I’m weird like that.

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  1. dawnstarpony

    wow, you write a LOT! i guess if i fell in love with the internet before i fell in love with writing i would have a site like this too. but no i just have lots and lots of notebooks. and loose leaf notebook/filler paper. do you think about publishing this stuff in magazines and such? instead of being self published like this on le internet?

    • haha not really! I’ve had this blog for about 2 years already! Teehee I can’t stand writing out stories by hand anymore! I have no stamina for it 😛 So when I write something on a computer…It usually winds up here. I do in fact! But honestly, I don’t think a lot of the stuff I come up with completely on my own is that good 😛 I’ve only entered one piece into a student magazine so far…still waiting to see what happens!

      • dawnstarpony

        well thats awesome. there are tons of websites out there that just have pages and pages of magazines that accept submissions, and some of them are specialized: kids, students, etc. so if you are just waiting, and you have another story ready…..*nudge nudge* eh?

      • hahaha thanks! I feel like I still need to work on my writing before I send it out to allll the magazines 😉 but when I’m ready I won’t hold back! Have you been published?

      • dawnstarpony

        nope!!!!!!! XD i’m trying… well not really trying as hard as i should be but i have other stuff to do! like real life! (excuses excuses, i know…) but seriously. 😛

      • hahahha well good luck to you! Let’s hope we both get published 😉

  2. dawnstarpony

    hey 🙂 i was wondering if you still use this blog. well if you reply to this comment then i guess i know that you still use this blog. anyway i just wanted to get back in touch with you. i was looking back at my “ideas” post from a really long time ago and we had such a huge conversation in the comments 😀 ok. talk to you soon hopefully.

    • Yes, I do! I’ve just been REALLY bad at writing in the last 6 months! I *did* do a little bit of Camp Nano this year though, so maybe I’ll cultivate some of that to this blog. Expect more in the near future! Sorry about the late replay, but it was awesome to see you around more! Also, expect some anime posts on my other blog!


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