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VoiceWeek #2: The Rockstar Lifestyle

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So I completely failed at completing the challenge on time but…here it goes!

Read Part 1!

The huddle before the show always got my adrenaline running. It was the time when the whole band looked each other in the face and promised to give it their all. It’s like an oath.
“Go hard!”
We all roared in unison, once again for no apparent reason, before raising our hands and breaking the circle. Then, we all ran out on stage. The agreed pattern was always: newest member first and the lead vocal last. Because, no matter how you looked at it, people always relate to the singer. Maybe because they can sing along. So basically, when Jared flies on stage the fan girl’s heads explode. Of course we all have our moments. I’m the lead guitarist that pumps up the crowd during our signature songs. Tommy, our drummer, has his drum solos. Linda, our bassist takes care of everyone during the slower moments, keeping  the momentum going. And well, Jared is Jared so it’s always entertaining.

I usually go out around third. Because the first roar really needs to be big and the middle is well, the middle ground. That’s when you feel safe with what they give you. You can pretend they’re just a little tired from screaming so loud at the beginning so they need to relax before the final chaos. Which is true. But it still nags me.

I took a breath and then jogged out on stage. A cheer greeted me pleasantly enough and I waved at the crowd. Since it was a daytime concert I could see absolutely everyone in the crowd. A few younger girls near the front seemed especially glad to see me. They were jumping up and down holding a sign saying something like “Riley’s the craziest!”. I stuck my tongue out at them and did my best to look wild. They loved it.


VoiceWeek #1: The Rockstar

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I’m doing VoiceWeek again this year!

I didn’t even care that I had to camp overnight in the rain outside a stadium. I just had to see them play live. Of course I did, it’s my first chance to see them in my hometown! I have been their fan for  seven years of my thus far short life and never once did I get to see them live. And aren’t they something amazing live?

Anyway, it was the most exciting thing in the world to give in my tickets, get my bracelet and race towards the front with my best friend. The stadium filled in quickly so pretty soon I was squished up against the barrier, trying not to touch anyone else but failing miserably. It’s always the waiting part that’s difficult because you’re excited to begin with but slowly boredom creeps in. Especially if the band’s late and you’re waiting around an hour after the show was supposed to start.

That didn’t ever happen with this band.

Unless, you know, there was a hurricane coming or something. Which is good because it  would probably be dangerous for the band and the fans. Suddenly the music stopped for a second and my eyes were glued to the stage. They’re coming out! They’re coming out!

I think I got some hearing damage at that point.


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Well, I don’t usually do this, but Voice Week really, really was great for me. Another massive thank you to Stephanie at BeKindRewrite for putting it together! It had been a long time since I’ve written, and definitely the most traffic I’ve gotten in a few months 😛 But seriously, this challenge was different even from InMon in that I got to really interact with the readers/commenters/fellow bloggers while writing the story. (P.S read my entries here!)

My favorite reactions were those from the first post in which a lot of people thought the bookstore manager was a man, while I had always envisioned a mousy female. At first this was a little disappointing, I thought I had failed in my portrail of her, but as time went on I realized that people enjoy subtley in a story because it keeps them guessing. Even if they are wrong!

A lot of the guesses actually would have made GREAT stories had I been going in that direction-and that was the most exciting thing of all! It goes back to something I read for an English class(who knew you could learn stuff in school?) that basically said it’s more important what the reader thinks than what the writer meant!

All in all, this is my long winded way to thank you all for your advice, support and reactions! I’ll definitely read all your entries too-and I bet they’re awesome.

Voice Week #5 : Dog Eat Dog World

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Last entry to Voice Week :I

The noise was annoying. My ears picked up, I clambered out of my box. I licked at the air. I followed the voices. Hmm. Lotsa people today. Maybe one of them will pet me?

I go up to the scary woman in the scary clothes and push my nose into her hand. She shrieks and I lick it.
“A dog?! A dog! What in the world is wrong with you people? Where the hell did this come from?”
“Oh, a dog? Never seen it before. Must have spent the night in the store.”
Oh, oh! It’s the girl! The girl I followed into the store yesterday! Yay! I leave the scary woman wiping her hand off on her clothes and try and climb up the stool the girl is on. She rubs behind my ears, I love that!

“What a mangy mutt. Come here boy!”
New voice. Oh, a boy! He wants to play! I want to play too! For some reason, he smells just like her. Maybe he’s her brother? I want to play!

“Oh for God’s sake, girl, just ring me up!”
The rumbling old man’s voice distracts me. I bound up to him. He ignores me. I look around. The scary woman from before is gone. I turn to look again, the old man is going to! I race to the door, he pushes me away and leaves. I here footsteps approaching. I turn, it’s the boy from before! He scratches my ears, I let my tongue roll out.

The girl sighs right before the boy asks, “Can we keep him?”

Voice Week #4 : I Just Want My Coffee

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Voice Week, one more DAY!

I nudged open the heavy wooden door to the bookstore, my hands full with a coffee in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

“The Inhibited Life of the Parakeet!” A little boy shrieked as I entered, starling me.
I glanced at the counter. Oh my God, he was in his underwear. I shot the three odd balls up front a patronizing look and turned into the bookshelves. What possessed my Boss to send me here I don’t know. I made sure to mention this to Marnie, a few times more than once.

Eww. It was so dirty. An old. What did he mean anyway? Did he just want to get a point across? Thinking of the pointy nosed fiend, I decided that was it. I poked a large tome in a pile with the toe of my ballet flat. It shifted and a cloud of dust exploded out into my face.
Spluttering, I exited the aisle in horror.


I blinked, to see the teenager giving the little boy a noogie.

Voice Week #3 : Little Boy’s Whining

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VOICE WEEK #3: Read ’em ALL!

I shoved the swinging door into the store. There was Mel, leaning forwards on the counter looking like a golden retriever. My sock-covered feet slipped a little on the shiny floor.


What’s with the eyebrow raise? I copied her. She smirked at me. I scratched my stomach. She frowned.



I walked up to the counter in my boxers, not really caring who would see me.


Yup. There’s the old codger now. He had this massive book in his hands, like the size of a bolder. It was dusty as hell-if hell is dusty. He shuffled over to the counter, scowling at me. I rolled my eyes at him and leaned over to see the title on the blue, peeling cover.

Voice Week #2: Old Geezer Version

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Prompt: The Bookstore

Dust. Dust. Dust. I can feel it in my lungs. Why did I ever come here? It a hole-a hole! I look into the dim light and note a sheepish girl behind the cash register. Sarcasm just won’t get my point across. My nose wrinkles as I inhale more dust. 

Oh, that’s right. I was looking for something. Something no one else has. A book. I labour my way through the creaking, heavy, belled door. I grumble as I see the labyrinth of books.

That girl should do a better job. I glance at her. She’s stock still now. I smirk. That showed her who’s boss. Now where is that item?

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