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Toes on the Line – Part II

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Read Part I here.

I was told that in the last century, war was dirty, loud and filled with the stench of blood and gasoline. What determined the difference between then and now, therefore is the lack of any dirt of any kind. War now is silent, quick, scentless and tense. Once minute you are there, and the next you cease to exist. Gone: literally nothing left. Not even an atom. For most people the idea would be terrifying. For me, it’s exhilarating.

My weapon of choice is a definite disadvantage in this sort of climate. Other weapons are of the same form as the war we fight: silent and immediate. A bow and arrow, however well engineered, will always be accompanied by the whistle of the arrow flying through the air. “A rookie mistake”, I was told, repeatedly. But it was not a choice I made absently. I chose the arrow and will choose the arrow because I want the challenge. If you can still hit a target when you tell them you’re coming, then you’re good.

I’m that good. I’ve been that good since the age of nine.

A soft, low whistle signaled that it was time to go. Simultaneously, the left side of the truck bucked a little and every mercenary on that side flipped out of its interior. I closed my eyes as the wind whipped my face. I was pointing directly at the ground, arching my back slightly, I flipped over. My parachute clicked open as I pulled out of the dive.

The ground hit my feet roughly and I rolled over, trying not to get tangled in the parachute. The soon-to-be battleground was covered in crouching figures draped in fabric. I cut my way out of the parachute and stuffed it away. Now was the time for the mission to begin. 

Wordlessly, we stepped into line, covering each other’s backs while also looking for possible lookouts. It was so quiet here that the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up. I felt eyes on me and glanced upwards to my right. Movement. Swiftly, I took him out. I doubt he even saw me draw back my bow.


Little Green Man (Sunday Picture Press…old)

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They were looking at me like an alien. I was of course, but they shouldn’t know that at this point. It was too soon, far too soon for that. I cocked my head to the side and tried to coo like the baby-simulations that had been drilled into my head.

The old woman’s expression merely became more severe. I surveyed her. Her pointed spectacles gave her the look of the perpetually surprised, and somewhat unusually bug-eyed. She had wrapped a belt twice around her waist despite there being no need for it. Her dress was form-fitting enough, and the man’s belt was no pretty sight. Low self-worth should be the answer; which meant the older gentleman was NOT her husband.

I supposed I looked strange in my simulate body, but to be honest, we didn’t think they would notice. Humans are not the most intelligent species in the galaxy, despite the rest of the committee’s willingness to let them believe so. Now looking at the humans, I saw the details we had missed. Proportion for example; I have a rather large right fist, compared to the other. I was also closer to orange than tan, and I had blue hair. I do look like an alien.

Slowly, the woman disappeared from my line of vision as these thoughts ran into my mind. I was losing them; unfortunately that means I would have to make that ear-splitting noise. I cried as convincingly as I could. When I opened my eyes again, the woman was holding a carving knife over my crib.

I think they noticed.

This was inspired by an old Sunday Picture Press promt:

Visual Prompt 2 -- Title Unknown, Diane Arbus

Check out the other prompts and the amazing writing of Indigo Spider

Disappearing Act or Where’d he Go?!?! (Sunday Picture Press)

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Visual Prompt 2 — Title and Artist Unknown

So an actual new prompt this week! I did Indigo Spider‘s Sunday Picture Press, this time an original piece. The prompts? A portal theme and the picture to the left.

Check it out for yourself!

She watched from the rushes as the little dingy cut across the water. The hunched silhouette in the boat ruffled and made itself small. She had been following him for a week at least. She had followed him all over the country, through jungle and town. It seemed this would be the end of both of their journeys. Ever since she heard about the disappearance of her brother, there seemed to be only one reason: him.

Somehow his outline against the brilliant backdrop of the river was deceiving. He appeared harmless and weak-like an old man. But she knew better. She watched as he picked up his oars and began to paddle feverishly towards the bridge. That arch that formed a perfect circle in the water had some sort of significance to him. He never turned away since he got in the boat.

She watched as he approached the bridge and slowly paddled under it. His silhouette was much more truthful now-big, imposing, frightening. But as soon as it appeared it began to fade. He was becoming translucent-she could see the river through him. She blinked. He was gone. The river stood empty and sad.

So…obviously this is unfinished…any takers for a follow up? Tandem writing is fuuuuuun! *wink wink*

Coming Soon….05/08/10

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I was going to save this novel-length story for Nanowrimo but it’s been sitting in my head waiting to get out. And alas, I’ll be busy in November. Sooooo…I’ll start writing and posting it here. Soon. Ish. Depends on when my brain decides to get moving. And how good it is. Cue shrug.

Oh yeah, it’s a Sci-fi story involving: cyborgs. Yup. I think I got the idea from a documentary about cybernetics. Strange, is it not? Anyway, more soon-ish.


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