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INMON: Ailing Mind :: Really?

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Yes, I’m back. Though not as frequently ūüėõ Here’s this week’s attempt:

My hands shake and I can’t stop them. I don’t want to stop them either.

“It’s not my fault. Everyone’s so scary! “

Everyday is like this. Everyone’s shadows look sinister and demanding. Somehow it’s the demanding part that scares me the most.

“What do you want from me?”

I ask this question daily too. Usually I’m met with strange looks, as though I don’t know what I’m talking about. That’s the really infuriating part.

“Leave me alone!”

I need to curl up into a ball and hug my knees to my chest. Gran taught me how to do it when I was little and I’ve been doing it ever since. It’s the only thing that calms me down.

“It’s okay.”

Slowly, people pass by my forced blockade and slowly I enter my own world. Here, everything is clean. I’m alone, but it’s not scary. I can’t hurt myself after all. No one can hurt me. I’m not afraid of snipers and spies and terrorists on top of it all. It’s peaceful; like falling asleep.

“Why are you doing that?”

I’m already out of my happy place.

“It’s nice.”


Maybe we’re all the same.


Toes on the Line

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This is expanded from a twitterfic I wrote a few weeks ago.

Toeing the line is the most difficult thing about my job. You never knew if you’re just a fraction too far. Sometimes you would find out – but always when it’s too late. My job scared me. But I was scary too. People cowered before me. Usually, it didn’t make a difference. I tightened the string on the high performance bow I was just given. The string was taut, I could feel it cutting into my fingers as I dragged it backwards. Damon smiled evilly as he loaded his own weapon. He was our dealer, maintenance man and¬†neighborhood¬†Berserker. I think he enjoys killing. He creeps me out. He won’t try anything with me though – he knows he wouldn’t survive.

“Hey, Girlie,” he says, as he locked the gun and put it away.

I glared at him. I did happen to be a girl, but I also had a name: Rita. He should call me Rita. No, actually he should just call me by my last name.

“It’s Taylor.”

He gave me a greasy smirk and went to join the others. I sighed a little and loaded up my quiver. For good measure, I picked out a spare arrow and took aim a few inches away from Damon’s head. The arrow cut through the air and hit the wall by his right ear. ¬†He glanced at me and went back to his conversation. I smirked and joined the others. I was ready now.

My boots were heavy as I swung myself into the backseat of the armoured vehicle we had stolen a month earlier. For the cops, the thing simply dropped off the radar. They were too stupid to notice us waltzing out with it anyway. A low whistle. The truck started.

I could feel the road under the wheels, the feeling drenched in the power of the engine. I ducked down low, knowing that at some point it would all go to hell.

Well, that was the life of a mercenary. You always had blood on your hands.

Lovely\\ She’s got that ring to it

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Lovely. It has that ring to it. A roll of the tongue. Like a liar’s lisp, it coaxes you in, ¬†lures you into a sense of security. It is a neutral word. No bias attached to it, no¬†unnecessary¬†thoughts. It is a good word. Whoever says it means it-why they said it is another reason entirely.

I watch the stalker slinking around my living room, unable to move. I frown. I scowl. He notices these expressions, and a lewd grin spreads over his face.

“Well, aren’t you lovely?”

Voice Week #5 : Dog Eat Dog World

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Last entry to Voice Week :I

The noise was annoying. My ears picked up, I clambered out of my box. I licked at the air. I followed the voices. Hmm. Lotsa people today. Maybe one of them will pet me?

I go up to the scary woman in the scary clothes and push my nose into her hand. She shrieks and I lick it.
“A dog?! A dog! What in the world is wrong with you people? Where the hell did this come from?”
“Oh, a dog? Never seen it before. Must have spent the night in the store.”
Oh, oh! It’s the girl! The girl I followed into the store yesterday! Yay! I leave the scary woman wiping her hand off on her clothes and try and climb up the stool the girl is on. She rubs behind my ears, I love that!

“What a mangy mutt. Come here boy!”
New voice. Oh, a boy! He wants to play! I want to play too! For some reason, he smells just like her. Maybe he’s her brother? I want to play!

“Oh for God’s sake, girl, just ring me up!”
The rumbling old man’s voice distracts me. I bound up to him. He ignores me. I look around. The scary woman from before is gone. I turn to look again, the old man is going to! I race to the door, he pushes me away and leaves. I here footsteps approaching. I turn, it’s the boy from before! He scratches my ears, I let my tongue roll out.

The girl sighs right before the boy asks, “Can we keep him?”

Voice Week #4 : I Just Want My Coffee

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Voice Week, one more DAY!

I nudged open the heavy wooden door to the bookstore, my hands full with a coffee in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

“The Inhibited Life of the Parakeet!” A little boy shrieked as I entered, starling me.
I glanced at the counter. Oh my God, he was in his underwear. I shot the three odd balls up front a patronizing look and turned into the bookshelves. What possessed my Boss to send me here I don’t know. I made sure to mention this to Marnie, a few times more than once.

Eww. It was so dirty. An old. What did he mean anyway? Did he just want to get a point across? Thinking of the pointy nosed fiend, I decided that was it. I poked a large tome in a pile with the toe of my ballet flat. It shifted and a cloud of dust exploded out into my face.
Spluttering, I exited the aisle in horror.


I blinked, to see the teenager giving the little boy a noogie.

Voice Week #3 : Little Boy’s Whining

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VOICE WEEK #3: Read ’em ALL!

I shoved the swinging door into the store. There was Mel, leaning forwards on the counter looking like a golden retriever. My sock-covered feet slipped a little on the shiny floor.


What’s with the eyebrow raise? I copied her. She smirked at me. I scratched my stomach. She frowned.



I walked up to the counter in my boxers, not really caring who would see me.


Yup. There’s the old codger now. He had this massive book in his hands, like the size of a bolder. It was dusty as hell-if hell is dusty. He shuffled over to the counter, scowling at me. I rolled my eyes at him and leaned over to see the title on the blue, peeling cover.

Voice Week #2: Old Geezer Version

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Prompt: The Bookstore

Dust. Dust. Dust. I can feel it in my lungs. Why did I ever come here? It a hole-a hole! I look into the dim light and note a sheepish girl behind the cash register. Sarcasm just won’t get my point across. My nose wrinkles as I inhale more dust.¬†

Oh, that’s right. I was looking for something. Something no one else has. A book. I labour my way through the creaking, heavy, belled¬†door. I grumble as I see the¬†labyrinth¬†of books.

That girl should do a better job. I glance at her. She’s stock still now. I smirk. That showed her who’s boss. Now where is that item?

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