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Strange body movements,
Failing and giggles,
Another uses voices,
Another has puppets that tickle.

Everything you dare not say,
But is relevant and unspoken,
Unleashed for the world to see
And laugh about in the open.

From an everyday occurrence,
To the bizarre one time thing,
Suddenly turned on its head
To leave you honestly laughing.

But whatever they say,
Mundane or outrageous as they are,
Most are true and other could be,
And you hope none of it applies to you.


Achieved Something

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Rip, slap, shing, tap- Paper and metal points grind
together. Ink spreads, softened leads, Words begin to cover blank
spaces. Colour, colour, mix and match, Brighter here, but not much
brighter than that. But when the blankness is silhouetted, Outlines
form, vivid colours are embedded. One odd feeling comes upon me:
The sensation of achieving honestly- Because I am proud to say: I
really did something worthwhile today.

Righteous Indignation

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Righteous Indignation

So it’s the first day of the third week! Time for happy poems! Interestingly enough, I seem to find writing about sad things easier! Maybe this will be a bit of a challenge then. We’ll see. I got quite a few views this week and it really encouraged me so I’d like to thank everyone who stopped by. I really appreciate it! Please continue to support me, even if you can’t comment 🙂

So, on to the poetry…

The feelings rise, I pound my fists,
The words splutter out, I feel the lift
Of the truth I speak, the expressions that flow
At the very least, there’s something I know-
When all is said, when what’s done is done
I’ll know who really won.

Opinions will change, and laws will mirror them,
What’s not right now will become common place then
For time moves constantly, it leaves behind men
As it did once before, it will be done once again.

Tap, tap, tap, our voices rise,
With our opinions, our voices rise.
Only time can change what is rock solid now
It will become this generation’s solemn vow.

Now, I’ll bid you ado,
I’ll to my slumber, and I’ll leave you to you,
When I awake, it’ll all be changed,
But what’s important is that dreams cannot be maimed.

~For human rights and equality.

That wasn’t too bad! Hopefully I’ll get a lot of material this week.

Remember, January’s almost done, so soon I’ll be back to working on and posting excerpts from my Nano novel!

Shadows -Haiku #5

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Shadows -Haiku #5

Threatening shadows,
Loom low above my head now-
But why me alone?

Contrast -Haiku #4

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A strange contrast:
A light splattering of rain
Followed by sun.

Flames- Haiku #3

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Flames- Haiku #3

The flames ripple,
They catch in the grate
Wanting to leave.

Isn’t this post’s featured image cool? It’s the reflection of flames on the touch pad of a laptop. All featured images were taken by me btw.

Damp-Haiku #2

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Damp-Haiku #2

I have some explaining to do it seems. I only realized in the wee hours of the morning, when internet access was denied to me, that I had been promising acronym poems this week instead of haikus! I apologise, I really meant haikus and that’s what you’ll get this week. The last day of January is reserved for an acronym poem. With that said, I’ll go change all the posts to say ‘haiku’ where there is promise of acronyms.

Well, somehow or another, I managed to lose the draft of my old haiku for today! So I rewrote it, lol.

The humid, damp air
Hangs over our heads,
Threatening heavy rain.

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