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Voice Week #5 : Dog Eat Dog World

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Last entry to Voice Week :I

The noise was annoying. My ears picked up, I clambered out of my box. I licked at the air. I followed the voices. Hmm. Lotsa people today. Maybe one of them will pet me?

I go up to the scary woman in the scary clothes and push my nose into her hand. She shrieks and I lick it.
“A dog?! A dog! What in the world is wrong with you people? Where the hell did this come from?”
“Oh, a dog? Never seen it before. Must have spent the night in the store.”
Oh, oh! It’s the girl! The girl I followed into the store yesterday! Yay! I leave the scary woman wiping her hand off on her clothes and try and climb up the stool the girl is on. She rubs behind my ears, I love that!

“What a mangy mutt. Come here boy!”
New voice. Oh, a boy! He wants to play! I want to play too! For some reason, he smells just like her. Maybe he’s her brother? I want to play!

“Oh for God’s sake, girl, just ring me up!”
The rumbling old man’s voice distracts me. I bound up to him. He ignores me. I look around. The scary woman from before is gone. I turn to look again, the old man is going to! I race to the door, he pushes me away and leaves. I here footsteps approaching. I turn, it’s the boy from before! He scratches my ears, I let my tongue roll out.

The girl sighs right before the boy asks, “Can we keep him?”


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  1. Ahhh the fleas! Hope he gets a good home, seems a nice sort. Robin

  2. What a surprise ending and thank you for an entertaining week!

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  4. I love the details, like “licked at the air” and “tried to climb up the stool.” That is so like a dog! Another strong and lovable voice to finish up the week!

    Fantastic work. I hope they do keep him. : )

  5. Ahahaha… love that last line. And also the fun, bouncy nature of our character here. Super writing.

  6. Enjoyed these alot over the course of the week! Thanks!

  7. I love this! I like how the dogs main concern in the beginning is to seek affection! This is nicely done. I really like the bouncy feel to the writing, just like a dog. Also, the way you wrote a line of dialogue followed by the dog’s reaction kept me completely engaged!

  8. A great finish to the week.
    A different and interesting voice to finish off on. Hope he gets a good home.


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