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Voice Week #4 : I Just Want My Coffee

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Voice Week, one more DAY!

I nudged open the heavy wooden door to the bookstore, my hands full with a coffee in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

“The Inhibited Life of the Parakeet!” A little boy shrieked as I entered, starling me.
I glanced at the counter. Oh my God, he was in his underwear. I shot the three odd balls up front a patronizing look and turned into the bookshelves. What possessed my Boss to send me here I don’t know. I made sure to mention this to Marnie, a few times more than once.

Eww. It was so dirty. An old. What did he mean anyway? Did he just want to get a point across? Thinking of the pointy nosed fiend, I decided that was it. I poked a large tome in a pile with the toe of my ballet flat. It shifted and a cloud of dust exploded out into my face.
Spluttering, I exited the aisle in horror.


I blinked, to see the teenager giving the little boy a noogie.


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  2. “The Inhibited Life of the Parakeet!!!”
    Oh, I love it. That is hysterical.
    Another fantastic voice! love the “eww” and the emphasis on “old.”
    You seem to have a knack for creating lovable characters. That’s a huge plus for a writer!

  3. I like this, the writing is so colorful and the descriptions vivid. I had to laugh at the shouting of “the inhibited life of a parakeet!” nice work.

  4. Ahahaha – I totally messed yesterday’s character up! Oh well.
    Great write again today. Prissy young lady working her way up the ‘corporate’ ladder.
    I’m loving the atmosphere of the bookstore, and awesome touch with the noogie.

    • hahaha, I love how everyone had their own interpretation of what was going to happen! And now that I think about it, if the boy had been the girl’s older boyfriend, that would have been interesting too!

      Thanks for the comment!

  5. I bet this woman’s hair is tied back tightly. Your written is very easy to imagine/picture. well done.

    • Thanks for the comment! Yes! Exactly what I imagined! And of course, the smart phone dangling from her ear 😛

      Thanks for the comment!

  6. A wonderful day 4. You go and answer one question – the name of the book “The Inhibited Life of The Parakeet” (Sounds like a must read book!) then raise lots more such as who is the little boy, how little, what’s he doing out in his underwear. If that’s not enough we have a new character walks in and who is Marnie?
    I am really looking forward to Day 5 when hopefully all my questions will be answered.
    Thanks for another great read.
    PS What’s a ‘noogie’?

    • hahaha it reminds me of “The Perks of Being A Wallflower”, which I have to read but keep forgetting to >_<
      Ahhhh the questions! If only answers were as easy to provide 😛 oh, and stealing from
      noogie: A hard poke or grind with the knuckles, esp. on a person's head.

  7. hehehe What fun!!! You certainly had me fooled and I just LOVED the patronizing look – could totally see it and hear it all in my head. Awesomeness 🙂

  8. This is wonderful writing, through her eyes the place came so alive! Robin


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