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Voice Week #2: Old Geezer Version

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Prompt: The Bookstore

Dust. Dust. Dust. I can feel it in my lungs. Why did I ever come here? It a hole-a hole! I look into the dim light and note a sheepish girl behind the cash register. Sarcasm just won’t get my point across. My nose wrinkles as I inhale more dust. 

Oh, that’s right. I was looking for something. Something no one else has. A book. I labour my way through the creaking, heavy, belled door. I grumble as I see the labyrinth of books.

That girl should do a better job. I glance at her. She’s stock still now. I smirk. That showed her who’s boss. Now where is that item?


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  2. Argh! I was wrong. A girl.

    This guy is so deliciously annoyed by everything. Fantastic.

  3. What a curmudgeon! I can see his frown surrounded by wrinkles and liver spots. Nice.

  4. Now here’s an interesting character. What is he looking for? What has he done to the girl at the desk?
    This voice is mysterious and a little frightening.
    Looking forward to tomorrow.

  5. A canny one, “Sarcasm just won’t get my point across.” Good job on the voice, Robin

  6. Interesting development! I sense a bit of something magical is on its way. Can’t wait for the next one.

  7. Oh yes. Super follow up. This guy has a bee in his bonnet. Wonder what he’s looking for. The fountain of youth? 😉


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