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INMON: I burned it all

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Well…there’s no way for this to go but DARK. Another random INMON entry!

Dear Mommy,

I know you said I couldn’t have a bike, but there was no reason for that. Daddy didn’t even listen when I asked. Daddy always wants me to ask you. He never listens to me.

Why? Why does Daddy hate me?

He always sits in his room writing. It doesn’t even make him happy-it makes him sad. But he still doesn’t want to play with me.

When the house burned down, we lost everything. My toys were gone, my bed was gone. You were gone.

I started the fire, Mommy. Because you said I couldn’t have a bike.


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  1. Indigo Spider

    Yowza, dark but I like dark 🙂

  2. haha thanks! It’s been a while since I really wrote anything, this felt good!

  3. writingsprint

    Niiiiiiiice! Reminds me of the demotivational poster about Girl Scout cookies!

  4. This totally works. I love how intentionally disjointed it is to let the child’s voice come through, and yet subtly organized to tell the story in as few words as possible. Nice.

    • haha thanks, I think my state of mind really affected the piece, but in a good way…if you can call creepy good 😛 Thanks for the comment!

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  6. WHOA. Well, you did say DARK! LOL 🙂 I love this! It’s simple yet powerful. You’ve managed to convey so much….giving us a glimpse into what happens in the minds of those that turn out to be our most dangerous and notorious criminals. Great job 🙂


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