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Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

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The simple fact is that I did not like them, I never have, nor will I ever like them in the future. What was important, however, is that I could stand them. Even for a little while. Most other people of my kind couldn’t stand them, they would have an actual physical reaction to anything that wasn’t from the Field. Anything foreign was expelled by people like me- those who can touch humans and speak to humans without instantly feeling their disease spread. Sometimes the humans were expelled by force, but a lot of the time we try to convince them to leave of their own accord, because although we can touch them, we don’t want to do it. Everytime I talk to them, I feel their twisted notions creeping into my brain. I will be tainted soon. I wonder what will happen then? Perhaps I will be expelled like the humans, like that scum. And rightly so. Because they are the Enemy. They will destroy the Field.

Without the Field, there is nothing.

This is inspired by a line from a Linkin Park song ‘Runaway’:

“I wanna be with the energy, not with the enemy”


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