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Back Before the Earth was Round: p2

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This is Part Two of a short story. Read part 1 here!

The breeze picked up, a trail of booze-soaked stench followed the pirate. I hid behind a small boulder on the beach and gagged. Dirty Beard’s song was long from finished but I couldn’t hear him. He was much further ahead of me now. It was for the best, he was almost at the docks. If i followed too closely his crew might see me. I looked down at the clothes I had stolen from my father. They fit badly, the sleeves reaching past the tips of my fingers. The overall effect was quite desirable however. I looked like a workman, and a poorly maintained one at that. It would be the perfect disguise for where I was going.

Breathing in slowly as I crouched behind the boulder, I pulled my hat low over my brow, just covering the tip of my vision. Slowly, I rose from my postilion and left the security of the beach to follow Dirty Beard to the docks, trying to exude the confidence of a ships’ hand.

The salt air was eroding the wooden pier which at the moment was bustling with activity. In the distance the sun was taking a last long look and the variety of people clustered in the small space. A young, but strong and weather-beaten girl helped her father bring in the last of the day’s catch-possibly their entire lively hood. There was a look in her father’s eye as they packed up to leave: a glow, like pride but much fonder.

I strode down the pier, stopping every now and then to admire the fish and speak to the sailors. All the time, I watched Dirty Beard’s long and solitary drunken hike to his ship. Even now, with the sun almost gone, I could see the deck bustling with life. I was itching to get to the ship, but the time was not yet right. Soon, soon it will be. The last dregs of fisherman were packing away their things and would soon be gone. If I didn’t get on board by then it would be all over.

Too be continued soonish!


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