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I’ve been looking at this blog, and although I love the theme and it beauty(I had no clue blue and orange could match so nicely) it detracts from the writing itself which should be the focus. It also distracts me from the writing which is where the quality should come from.

I’m trying to decide between a couple of different themes: Vertigo, Manifest, Mystique, Pink Touch 2, and Esquire.

My only other requirement is that is should be different or allow me to make it different.

Maybe you all can help?


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  1. W-what?! Don’t change! (Just my opinion, though) I really love your theme on you. It has a kind of an attitude that suits your writing and your style of writing. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I always think that the theme that we first pick has a lot to say about our attitudes and preference.

    Besides, that big blog title of yours is soooo visually catching, that when I first entered your blog, I couldn’t help but to check out your posts. And I don’t think you’ll achieve that same feel in those other themes.

    Well, like I’ve said, all of this is just my opinion. If you really aren’t comfortable with your theme, then by all means, CHANGE! But if it’s just because you think it distracts your readers, I don’t think it does. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment! Its definitely useful to know that the theme itself isn’t distracting although I still feel like there’s too much stuff in the side bar >_<

      I haven't yet decided whether to change and if so what theme to choose but your input has been helpful! Thanks again and I hope you stick around!


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