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Disappearing Act or Where’d he Go?!?! (Sunday Picture Press)

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Visual Prompt 2 — Title and Artist Unknown

So an actual new prompt this week! I did Indigo Spider‘s Sunday Picture Press, this time an original piece. The prompts? A portal theme and the picture to the left.

Check it out for yourself!

She watched from the rushes as the little dingy cut across the water. The hunched silhouette in the boat ruffled and made itself small. She had been following him for a week at least. She had followed him all over the country, through jungle and town. It seemed this would be the end of both of their journeys. Ever since she heard about the disappearance of her brother, there seemed to be only one reason: him.

Somehow his outline against the brilliant backdrop of the river was deceiving. He appeared harmless and weak-like an old man. But she knew better. She watched as he picked up his oars and began to paddle feverishly towards the bridge. That arch that formed a perfect circle in the water had some sort of significance to him. He never turned away since he got in the boat.

She watched as he approached the bridge and slowly paddled under it. His silhouette was much more truthful now-big, imposing, frightening. But as soon as it appeared it began to fade. He was becoming translucent-she could see the river through him. She blinked. He was gone. The river stood empty and sad.

So…obviously this is unfinished…any takers for a follow up? Tandem writing is fuuuuuun! *wink wink*


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  1. Indigo Spider

    Oooo, this leaves some great possibilities! I like it 🙂

  2. Arrrrrr… you left it hanging! I hope someone picks up on this very soon. I want to know more.

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  4. What a teaser for a story! This is beautiful and fun. Very mysterious! I love love love it! 🙂

    • Welcome! Thank you for the comment 🙂 If you are so inclined…fo ahead and continue the tale! I’ve been stalking your writing and find it awesome and intriguing 😀 Please come again!

  5. A great story which fits the prompt so well.
    An intriguing start …. will there be more?

    • Thank you Mike! I’ve been reading your blog and the poetry posts the last few days were really inspired 🙂

      Whether there will be more depends on the lovely writers on WordPress…*coughcoughhinthint*


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