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Inspiration Monday: How to Make a Mask

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From this lovely prompt from Inspiration Monday! It’s old though, so beware πŸ˜› I suggest you check it out if you need inspiration πŸ˜€ Also check out these awesome writer’s tips on the rest of the BeKindRewrite site.

It’s not difficult to make a mask. It just requires patience and concentration. If you start young, it’s even easier. No one will know, they will see the gleaming facade and trust that it is the real runny core, an honest person.

Of course they would be wrong. What would an honest person have to make a mask for? They would be lovable, likable, perfect by just showing themselves as who they are. It would be easy to live like that- if I was an honest person. No, life is much more difficult for the scum and demented that walk the world in droves. We have to create an intricate container for our horrifying form, and weld it shut for all eternity. Nothing touches us here in the locked coffin, and we feel safe.

You have to make a conscious effort in the beginning. Pay attention to their behavior, and say what they want to hear. Theres always the ultimate trick- a smile, often accompanied by humble body language. No one wants to feel inferior, so you make them feel large. Little do they know this feeling is all smoke and mirrors, a puppet show at best. You- the masquerader- is the one holding the strings.

Soon it becomes easier, lies spill from your lips and you feel no hurt. You see their trust and you play them, convincing them of your eternal innocence.

Then one day, if your lucky, the divide between the mask and it’s wearer blurs and joins into one, and you become the person you wanted to be from the beginning.

And if you’re not, you wont.


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  1. I like the undercurrent of menace that pulls through this piece.
    “they will see the gleaming facade and trust that it is the real runny core, an honest person.” great line!

    • Thank you for your continued support! I really appreciate it. I happened to have this idea of a purposely manipulative person in my head for some time after I read the prompt. I just had to write it out!

  2. Ditto on the undercurrent of menace, but I also love the longing to actually become the person you are pretending to be. And a great punch of a last line.

    • Nice to see you again πŸ™‚ thanks for the positive comment I really appreciate it! Yes, it must be difficult to pretend all the time, don’t you think? And I think we all want to be that one person that everyone likes and thinks highly of. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to put into practice though, and that’s what I think this character is thinking about.

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  4. I enjoyed reading this, but I read sadness in-between the changes made – learning to spill forth lies, feeling no hurt.

    Great writing! Thank you.

  5. That’s a very interesting way to see the person behind the mask. Nicely written.


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