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Back Before the Earth Was Round

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Another Inspiration Monday post via Stephanie at BeKindRewrite!
Prompt: before the earth was round.

Tap, tap, tap, click.
“What yer staring at? Want one too do yer laddie?”
The boys scattered, terror on their faces, each diving to the relative safety of their mothers arms. Their fearsome combatant was slumped across the top of the bar, bottle of rum in one hand and a time worn map in the other. If you happened to be brave enough, you would risk taking a closer look at this eyesore. If you were foolish enough, you would stare long and hard at a wooden leg poking out of the bottom of his trousers. These were several inches too short for the pirate, and he was running short on time as well. Dirty Beard rose from the bar, rum swishing away in it’s fragile packaging, and waddled to the door. It was to the seas again-he never felt right on the land. Too stable; too safe. I watched as Dirty Beard wandered out of the pub and strolled towards his ship, singing pirate songs with a tune now long lost and forgotten.

The pirate’s name was in fact Leonard Peters, but no gold-loving man of the seas would consent to be called Captain Peters or the excruciating Leo Beard. So he had settled for the less glorifying, slightly insulting title of Dirty Beard-or so legend goes. I for one had not succumbed to the treacherous legends of yesteryear nor was I satisfied with rumor. Dirty Beards’ unravelling was long over due and I planned to make it happen. It was time for the truth. I was now too old for fairytales. Slowly, I left the pub and followed him.

I could still hear Dirty Beard’s tuneless warbling in the distance; it made things easier for me. I followed the sounds of the wailing and eventually had him in my sights.
“Yo ho, Yo ho. 
Gold in sacks and stacks of gold, 
Rum and bear and caskets closed.
Fearsome beasts-
The seas so cold!
Such is the tale of pirates!”

Disclaimer: The Pirate in question is not related in any way to this Leonard Peters.

Beware…this is only part 1 of this story! I have the idea in my brain, just need to get it all out 😛 For now, enjoy.


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  1. Ooo. Can’t wait for part 2!

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  3. Cool. I like “Dirty Beard’s unraveling” in the literal
    sense. I imagine it braided. Ick! haha

    • Thanks for reading! Haha, yes, I imagine he didn’t just think up the name for no reason. I imagine old food and gin bottles in his beard.

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