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Reasons why I haven’t published a book yet- just like most other people my age

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I have a ravaging need to open up y_writer and spew out various threads of story and character plots. What’s holding me back? School. School and exams like always. It’s not that I don’t have the time. If I spent less time watching TV and more time writing, I wouldn’t feel like I’m about to explode- but no.

Oddly enough, when I want to write and I need to write-I feel guilty. Why? Because I could be spending the time doing schoolwork. Yes it’s odd given I just told you that I’m a closet couch potato, but TV’s different. Mostly because it’s a chance to do something without having to think and that’s probably why there are so many couch potatoes. So, ultimately, I don’t have to think about what I should be doing: studying.

Writing on the other hand, involves a lot of thinking. Often, after a particularly good writing session, I feel like my brain is fried-yet another reason for guilt. I should save my brain capacity for important schoolwork and studying! I have no time to waste(no, I don’t need you to point to the TV with a bemused expression on your face).

Sigh. This is my dilema, this is my rant. There’s nothing I can do about it until the glorious end of June comes. ‘Til then, you’ll see me very little.

On a happier note, the cyborg novel is starting to shape up more. I’ve only written a Swiss cheese version of the beggining and the end but it’s a start :/

Oh, and if you didn’t realise the reason is school!


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