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Japanese earthquake – All you can do is sit back and watch in terror.

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Japanese earthquake – All you can do is sit back and watch in terror.

Or at least, that was the most I could do at the time. The only way I can tell you how I felt is with a hefty description and a multitude of charties and opportunities to help the people of Japan. Here’s how I felt when I watched:

It was one of the most horrific things I’ve ever seen. Not only were we shown videos of people fleeing for their lives as the rubble fell around their heads, but a tsunami hit the country too. Those images made me most fearful and full of pathos. The water surged forwards, never ending and swallowing everything in it’s way. It had picked up rubble and vehicles until it resembled a wall of tar, devouring the land in it’s fury. The absolute silence that accompanied that beast of darkness shuddered with terror. When the current dropped slightly, a river of cars flow neverendingly, bobbing in the dark, still waters.

I was scared.

RIP and in memorial of those that lost their lives and their livelihoods in that darkness.
Ways to help

1. Social Vibe

Join Social Vibe under the charity “Music For Relief” and complete activities that will raise money for relief efforts in Japan and Pakistan.
2. Download to Donate – Haiti and Japan

Another Music For Relief effort, this time where you can text or pay $10 online and get access to over 60 donated songs from artists including Linkin Park and Lupe Fiasco.
3. Mike Shinoda designed T-shirts

Buy T-shirts designed by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Fort Minor here. All proceeds go to Music For Relief to aid in relief efforts.
4. Donate to the Red Cross

Donate to the Red Cross. All questions answered here.

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