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1ST Nano story post!

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I still haven’t worked out what to call this novel, lol. Anyway, this is the first scene from my Nano attempt. It needs a LOT of work, I know.

Darkness abounded in the room, devoid of all but a desk, a chair and a human being. But I am no ordinary human being. My head was bowed facing my hands balled into fists in my lap.
The cracking of a distorted voice echoed across the room, “We understand you are not happy with your Advancement.”
My fist twitched. There was that tone of superiority that I was sure of hearing. Of course, however ironic, I had come to speak to my makers.
“I despise my advancement,” I replied stoically.
I was alone in the room, despite speaking to someone. It was bizarre, though I suppose it should not be. I am bizarre after all. The scientists were behind the two-way mirror, I knew, but I could not see them. I could not even hear them that clearly. I was in a box; unclean, unsanitary and dangerous. I stared at my reflection, hoping to make them feel uncomfortable. They probably did.

There was a scuffling sound and I looked at the mirror, wondering whether to look beyond the glass or not. As a slightly higher distorted voice came through the speakers, however, I decided against it. They’d given a woman the job of talking to the cyborg.
“I understand that you feel…sad, 2533. Why is it that you are dissatisfied?”
“I never wanted this,” I murmured, staring down at my fist again.
The metal muscle clenched beneath my human skin. It was sickening. I looked towards the door.
“I see.”
Clearly, she did not.

“How do you feel now?” she asked, clearly changing tact to make me more comfortable.
“Like a dog.”
“A dog?”
“Or some sort of contagious disease.”
“I’m sorry you feel that way.”
“You could do something about it…perhaps let me out of the panic room or whatever.”
“I’m afraid I cannot. It was not my-it is not within my power.”

I did not reply.


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