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An eco-themed poem I wrote a while back after reading similarly eco-themed poems.

The pendulum swings ever ominously,
Tick, tack-it calls for an end.
The sky in false cheer shines brightly upon us,
In secret only does it gloom.
When all other close their eyes, it weeps
Mourning all that has passed and is to pass.
And we, the oblivious observers, smile back
At it in excitement dear.

The omnipresent air we breathe sighs as the day is done.
For now it may truly breathe, when
The are no humans now to do harm.
O Earth! How I pity you now!
To see all that has been done!
To not be able to erase the past
And live with it for eternity.

Now if I could just been more green >_<


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